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Handwoven images

My tapestries are flat woven, the simplest possible weaving technique. The materials are ramie and linen yarns specially developed and manu­factured in Kyoto, Japan. The yarns are hard spun which gives a firm woven surface that radiates the colours clearly. For each woven image the virgin white yarns are dyed in numerous colours and shades to reach the colour spectrum of the sketch.


The surface of the tapestries arrives at a structure that catches light and shadow, making the colours appear deep and intense. 


The sketches emerge out of photos which are reworked in an experimental computer process. A number of these experiments are distilled into a final sketch, which is then transformed to textile.


The loom gives the opportunity to work at a high level of detail, with precise colour choices and a tactile presence. 


During the weaving process it is possible to see only 30cm of the woven tapestry before it rounds a metal beam and disappears out of sight. It is important to work in a continuous flow without major breaks, to avoid jarring shifts. Only after several months of work does the result emerge as a unified whole.


Close up, the images resemble pixellated print. At a distance, the composition condenses and the image becomes sharply defined. 


The images can be perceived as music heard for the first time.

English presentation


Dansk præsentation

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