CV:                      Martin Nannestad Jørgensen

Address:             Frederikshøj 242                                              Workshop: Syndikatet

                           DK-2450 Copenhagen SV                                Kigkurren 8G

                           Phone: +45-60 75 77 81                                   DK-2300 Copenhagen S



Born: 1959,        Östhammar, Sweden        



1993, 1998         Study trip to Ethiopia, focussing on rock-hewn churches and coptic art

1986 – 1987       Studies in Japan at the workshop of Prof. Shizuko Oshiro

1983                   Study trip to Egypt, focussing on naive and unschooled image making

1980 – 1981       Studies in South and Central America, including studies at Paula Sanches 

                           workshop in Guatemala

1978 – 1980       Kim Naver Textile Art Studio, Copenhagen


2019                   Slow Art, Solo show in Rundetaarn, Copenhagen

2005                   Solo show “Art- Industry- Museum”, Museum of Applied Art, Copenhagen

2005                   Participating with the video “Movements” in Tromanale Film Festival, Berlin

2002                   ”Contemplation Room”, video installation, Danish Ministry of Culture Gallery, 


2001                  “Remixing a Scene”, video installation, Copenhagen

1997                  “Danish Crafts and Design Exhibition”, St. Petersburg, Russia

1997                  “Blood Show” at Bille Brahe’s Outdoor Slide Gallery, Copenhagen

1996                  ”Hand-Shake”, Textile installations in Andersen’s Water Tower, Copenhagen

1995                  Project ”Blood on Ice” continued, Thule, Greenland 

1993                  Project ”Blood on Ice”, Thule, Greenland

1991                  “Tapestries”, group show at Munkeruphus Gallery, Dronningmølle  

1989                  “The State Art Foundation 25th year anniversary exhibition”, Copenhagen

1988                  ”Thread in space”, Danish Ministry of Culture Gallery, Copenhagen

1987– 1988        Danish Ministry of Culture’s Travelling Exhibition in France

1987 ”                Danish Genuine Carpets Exhibition”, Copenhagen

1986 –1987        ”Dänische Webteppiche” Hannover and Cologne, Germany

1985                   “Fall Exhibition”, Charlottenborg Exhibition Space, Copenhagen

1985                   “Spring Exhibition”, Charlottenborg Exhibition Space, Copenhagen 

1984                   Solo show at the Craft Council of Copenhagen


2019                   Hellig Kos Church, Jyllinge

2015                   Rungsted Church

2011 – 2013       Herlufsholm Church, Næstved

2011                   St.Clemens Church, Randers

2009 – 2011       Stenløse Church, Stenløse

2007                   Defense Command Denmark, Headquarters, Copenhagen 

2005                   Trinitatis Church, Copenhagen

2003                   The Green House, Copenhagen 

2000                   St.Clemens Church, Randers 

1997 – 1998       Trinitatis Church, Copenhagen 

1997                   Supreme Court, Copenhagen 

1994                   Ministry of Justice, Copenhagen 

1996                   Ørslev Church, Ørslev

1990                   Terslev Church, Terslev

1989                   Rhythmic Music Conservatory, Copenhagen 

1985 + 1986       New Carlsberg Foundation

1985 + 1988       Danish Art Foundation


1992 – 2004        Danish School of Design, Copenhagen

1997                    Aarhus Academy of Art

1988 – 1989        Kolding School of Design

Stage design,


1991                    ”Orenda”, The Hiwak Theatre, Sweden


1994                    ”Autopia”, Roskilde Festival


2017                     The de Young Museum of Fine Art, San Francisco

Book                    “Influences from Japan”, ISBN:9788774074151 

Grants and Scholarships:

2019                     Inga and Ejvind Kold Christensen Honorable Price

                             Support for the exhibition Slow Art: A.P. Møller and Wife Chastine

                             Mc-Kinney Møllers Foundation, Aage and Johanne Louis-Hansen 


2018                     Danish Art Foundation production pool, Augustinus Foundation,

                             Toyota Foundation, 

                             Grosserer L.F. Foghts Foundation, Beckett Foundation

2018,15,14,13,12 Danish Art Foundation  

2016                     The National Bank’s Anniversary Foundation of 1968

2016                     Danish Art Foundation, Production pool

2009                     The Scandinavia – Japan Sasakawa Foundation, The Reiersenske

                             Foundation, Knud Højgaards Foundation, C L Davids Foundation,

                             L.F. Foghts Foundation, 

                             The National Bank Anniversary Foundation of 1968

2008                     Ole Haslund’s Art Foundation, Gift of Honour 

2008                     The Danish Art Foundation

2007                     Solar Foundation

2005                     Peter, Ingrid og Ralph Hernöe’s Common Foundation

2004                     Danish National Bank Foundation

2004                     Knud Højgaards Foundation

2003                     King Frederik and Queen Ingrid Foundation for Humanitarian and

                             Cultural Purposes

2003                     Danish National Bank Foundation

2002                     Peter, Ingrid and Ralph Hernöe’s Common Foundation

2002                     Knud Højgaards Foundation

1998                     Peter, Ingrid og Ralph Hernöe’s Common Foundation

1997                     Danish Art Foundation

1997                     Peter, Ingrid and Ralph Hernöe’s Common Foundation

1996                     Danish Art Foundation, reward for the exhibition ”Handshake”

1994                     Danish Art Foundation

1990                     Lis Ahlmanns Prize

1989                     Applied Art Prize 

1988                     Danish Art Foundation

1986                     F.L. Smidth and Co. A/S Foundation

1986                     The Reiersenske Foundation

1986                     Ellen and Knud Dalhoff Larsen’s Foundation

1986                     Ib Henriksen’s Foundation

1986                     C.L. Davids Foundation

1986                     Charlottensborg Exhibition Foundation

1986                     Thomas B. Thrige’s Foundation

1986                     Danish National Bank Foundation 

1985                     Danish Art Foundation